Antari continues to excel in the snow effect range built to the same stringent standard as our fog machines. There are three models available for your choice: S-100II,S-200 and SW-250.
The S-100II is a robust, high pressure, large output snow machine that produces abundant amounts of snow that are capable of blowing considerable distances. The durable motor is enclosed in rubber cushions within the case for high output and low vibration.
The S-200, on the other hand, is the Silent Snow Machine designed to compliment all your scenes where silence and mood are golden; With just 63dB noise level similar to people whisper lightly. Great break-through and progress has invested in this ANTARI S-200 in terms of its noise level and the formation of snowflake. Output of the snowflake is adjustable which enables producing different volume of snow output from a light snowfall to a heavy flurry.
Both S-100II and silent S-200 have standard DMX on-board including SC-2 volume control remote. Hanging bracket comes standard for ease of trussing and installation. Both models are light and portable machine which are perfect for club effects, movie sets and stage settings where quiet scenes and lifelike snow effect are demanded.
Let the snow fall all season round!


Specifiche Tecniche

  • Power : AC100V/AC120V/AC230V/AC240V,50Hz-60Hzfacoltativamente
  • Power Consumption : 600 W (Min Output) , 1130 W (Max Output)
  • Output : 140 ml / min
  • Tank Capacity : 5 liter
  • Fluid Consumption Rate : 10 min / liter (100% Output)
  • Remote Included : SC-2 Volume Remote
  • Accessory Include : Hanging Bracket
  • Weight : 12 Kg
  • Dimensions (mm) : L 525 W 276 H 228
  • DMX : On board
  • Liquid Used : Antari SL-5 Snow / Foam Liquid , Antari SL-5A Snow Liquid Premium